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At Right Coast Production Company, we specialize in personalizing your footage into a lifelong memory.  Whether it is a surf trip or your child's first steps, we have the creative eye to turn any video into a visual masterpiece.  The process is easy, simply send us your footage via mail and the rest is up to Right Coast's creative team.

Documenting stories, from the lives of living icons to the adrenaline rush of an outdoor experience, is a way to share with your peers something that may otherwise remain unknown.  At Right Coast Production Company, we are eager to translate your inspiring story to digital life.


Today the general public is more visually stimulated than ever. That is why your business needs us.  At Right Coast Production Company, we can accomplish all of your video marketing demands in a manner that will retain the short attention span of the 21st century customer.

Right Coast Production Company Founder, Anthony Petrilli, has an extensive background in sport fishing. During his 9 years as a charter/private sport fish mate, Anthony allowed his creativity to run freely while attempting to give his viewers the experience of riding alongside a wild day at sea.  His eye for detail and fishing know-how have translated what were once amateur fishing films, into must see moments.  At Right Coast Production Company, we know best when translating fishing to film.







Anthony E. Petrilli

I attended the University of North Carolina at Wilmington from 2011-2015 obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.  Time off from school was far from dull, documenting our excitement at sea went hand-in-hand with my job as a mate. Similarly, amidst my senior year at UNCW an education in field video production went hand-in-hand with my business degree.


Following graduation, after careful thought and consideration, I decided to pursue video production on a professional level.  And so Right Coast Production Company was born.  To this day I continue to work part-time as a fisherman, but given our seasonal fishery in Eastern North Carolina I devote my winter months to filmmaking.  The long and laborious work schedule as a fisherman could not have prepared me better for my passion as a cinematographer.  When working together, I promise to devote my time and energy into turning your requests to reality.



Raised in Cape Carteret, NC where following my passions of surfing, saltwater fishing, hunting, and filmmaking occupied nearly every waking moment of my life.  My freshman year of high school was a bit out of the ordinary.  It was spent living abroad, surfing and fishing, in Central America and the Caribbean for thirteen months with my family of six on board our sport fish boat, Carnivore.  This experience gave everyone in my family an entirely new perspective on life.  This was also the year that I discovered filmmaking, which quickly became something that consumed a great deal of my personal time. Throughout my remaining years in high school I worked as a charter boat mate for my father on Carnivore, where I practiced the joy of filmmaking.  In addition to that, I filled as many of my free days as I could as a freelance mate on numerous private sport fish boats.



At Right Coast Production Company, you will be working closely with Anthony Petrilli, who takes great pride in his efforts to please each client and their requests. Please feel comfortable reaching out to see what the next step is by contacting Anthony. Scroll below to read Anthony's full bio.

Please feel comfortable reaching out to see what the next step is by contacting Anthony.


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